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Graduate in Midwifery Program
Top Performing School in the Philippines

Guinevere B. Las-ang, RN
Top 8, 2012 Nurse Licensure Examination

Champion, RAATI 2013


Office Administration Program
Champion, 12thAnnual Regional PASOA Convention

Regional Awards

Quality and Excellence Awards:
1 Level 1 Accreditation of Criminology & Hotel and Restaurant Management
2 Top Exemplary Performance in the Radiologic Technology Board Exam (100 passing percentage on December 2010)

Institutional Awards
1 Level 1 Accreditation for HRM & Criminology
2 Candidate Status for Business Administration, Office Administration & Computer Science
3 Passed the Consultancy Visit for Nursing Program.

Board Exams
1 Exemplary Performance in the Board Exams for RadTech
Government Recognition
Biology | BS Midwifery | Entrepreneurial Management
Mass Communication | Medical Technology | Pharmacy
Political Science | Tourism



Congratulations to our NEWLY REGISTERED NURSES for Passing the December 7 – 8 NURSE LICENSURE EXAMINATION
Ian B. Acierto RN
Jolyn N. Allib, RN
Jonel G. Avanzado, RN
Chazelle May B. Bandao, RN
Kris Angelei M. Castro, RN
Stephen Jhon P. Chancoco, RN
Jarant B. Dagdag, RN
Dimache Rodel, RN
Ronald Bryan J. Florendo, RN
Katherine D. Galiguis, RN
Agustin W. Gayading, RN
Loren Z. Montaño, RN
Cristy Marie Y. Puhay, RN
Michelle V. Reyes, RN
Jolly Mae G. Villaflores, RN
Devorah V. Sarmiento, RN
Ma. Consuelo I. Soriano, RN
Rona Joy G. Tolentino, RN
Augusta Ponchaohan, RN
Early Joy Stephanie U. Aban, RN
Brenda H. Dulnuan, RN
Shiela Tolete, RN
Abraham B. Tumaneng, RN
Chyna Ly Alcayna, RN
Ric M. Antonio, RN
Bernard Varik B. Dulnuan, RN
Grace Buya, RN
Rolyne Cabbigat, RN
Eva Sheryl DS. Coloma, RN
Sunshine Collado, RN
Kresta Dagadag, RN
Lynfel Dagadag, RN
Irene P. Gulingay, RN
Analyn Limon, RN
Archiemagne Mendoza, RN
Michael Kevin Obaña, RN
Ellen Joy B. Pangilinan, RN
Myla G. Ramiscal, RN

We are Proud of you

From your PLTC Family

Congratulations to PLT College, Inc. for being Rank#7 in the top performing schools in the October 2013 Criminologist Licensure Examination.
Congratulations to the PLT  Criminology graduates for registering a 80.92 % passing rate in the October 2013 Criminologist Licensure Examination.
Congratulations to the PLT  Midwifery graduates for registering a 70.37 % passing rate in the October 2013 Midwifery Licensure Examination.

Enrollment Schedule for Summer 2014

March 31, 2014 – April 1, 2014     First Year

April 2 - 3, 2014         Second Year

April 4 - 5, 2014         Third Year

April 6 - 7, 2014          Fourth Year

April 8 - 10, 2014        All Year Levels

April 11, 2014             Petition Period




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