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COP conducts film-viewing on traditional and alternative meds

On November 28, 2013, Thursday 3:00pm to 5:00pm, students, faculty and staff of the College of Pharmacy (COP) conducted a film-viewing on traditional and alternative medicines at the Audio Visual Room (AVR), Chol’s Building, PLT College.

Spearheaded by the officers of the student body        organization of the said college, this activity was intended to  instill additional information about traditional and alternative medicines.

The short documentary film acquainted the participants on some traditional medicines, like acupuncture, alternative medicine and the use of herbal medicines, and the benefits   derived from these all-natural and chemical-free medicine.         Although pharmacy started from these medicines and practices, they are in contradiction to what this profession is promoting at present. The purpose of the film viewing was for the students to understand that these are to be considered when manufactured. Medicines are not working their magic on a person; that from it, they would be able to become more open-minded to every     possible way of preventing or curing a certain illness or  alleviate discomfort of their patients in the near future.

To recap and summarize the documentary film-viewing, an open forum and a simple game served as a review activity to test if the students really paid attention to the documentary film viewed.