We have our own ways in expressing ourselves to others. We create our music and dance steps for us to be different and unique from others. But does being different make a sense? Can it help us connect to others? Is culture also a burden for us to show what’s within us? Are we scared of discrimination and what other people will think and say?


Since I opened my eyes and felt the reality of life in this institution, I’ve been scared. Scared of all the possibilities that I will be facing as I meet the expectations and standards of others. From then on, I’ve been scared. Not in what will happen but on how I am going to reach out to them. How can I express what is inside me if I do not build a connection—an understanding?


With this situation, I’ve been able to build up courage and determination for me to connect with others. Learning to accept and understand them are two of the best ways to reach  out. Culture is never a burden for me to  be one of the people—who will be part of my existence.


I know that a lot of people are still afraid to show themselves due to discrimination. They’ve been hiding in a shell where no one will be able to judge and undermine them. But instead of hiding, why don’t we just accept and understand that we belong to different cultures.


We have different customs and traditions. But what matters most is that we are ready to build a connection to others, connection that will keep us moving forward.