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Towards Making PLTCI an Icon of a Cozy School 
Vice President for Administration

We all envision PLT College Inc. (PLTI) as an Icon in humane education. At the risk of being repetitive,  it is good to be reminded about the meaning of this vision:  when people think and  talk about  PLT they see it as an image or picture (icon) of a compassionate, caring, considerate, sympathetic (humane) school.  Logically (in our mind), a humane PLTCI is one that provides a cozy physical and social environment. Encompassingly, cozy would mean a clean, healthy, safe, enjoyable, friendly, hospitable, and welcoming environment in terms of its physical surroundings and people (i.e., administrators, teaching and non-teaching staff, and students). In short, we see PLTCI as an icon of a cozy home away from home for our academic community and visitors.

Sometimes, however (as it happens in some schools and places), there are lapses or remissions.  A single indifferent person (“pasaway” in unconventional language) would defeat the efforts.  This may include (1) dropping or  leaving  rubbish (candy or snack wrappers, empty plastic bottles and plastic bags with straw, and other garbage stuff)  inside the classroom or on the corridor, (b)  leaving the classroom with disarranged chairs and/or unerased chalkboard,  (d) indiscriminately mixing  bio-degradable, degradable, and recyclable stuffs in the garbage bins, (c) spitting  “moma/mama” anywhere, (d) improper use of rest rooms,  and similar other acts that make the  physical environment unclean, unsafe, unhealthy,  unfriendly, or uncozy. 


 On the other hand, he/she may disregard good social, interpersonal and professional behaviors such as courtesy,  friendliness, respect for others, hospitality to visitors, gossip avoidance, morality/chastity  and disdain for vices,  productive work (including regular attendance,   punctuality and preparedness in  class, office, or place of work, as well as productive use of leisure time), and many others that make the social environment clean, healthy, safe, friendly, enjoyable, hospitable, and welcoming environment.


 The order is not that tall.  An administrative planning session (series 1) was done on February 15, 2014 involving the stakeholders:  heads and staff administrative and academic offices, faculty, and representatives of the Student Executive council (SEC) and college-based organizations.


  Through a participatory approach to planning, they defined and described the image (vision) of PLT that they want – the corresponding mission and strategies.   All pointed to a cozy (clean, healthy, safe, enjoyable, friendly, hospitable, and welcoming) environment.  The stakeholders also strategized the implementation – activities and tasks, guidelines, responsibilities, people responsible, implementation and monitoring - to be to be consolidated in series 2 of the planning session. 

We hope to finalize an implementable and sustainable “COZY” PLTCI Environment Program (or another name as the stakeholders/planners will decide) in the succeeding series 2 planning session. 

            One important ingredient for the success of any program like this is UNWAVERING COMMITMENT of all the stakeholders.  But we do not have to wait for that program to be finalized.  It is not a tall order IF, TODAY AND EVERY DAY, we keep our classrooms, offices, and corridors free of rubbish, our classroom chairs and tables well arranged and the chalkboards clean for the next class, our floors and grounds free of red spittle, our garbage properly segregated (into bio-degradable, non-degradable, and reusable), our rest rooms free of bad odor, neat and clean, and we all demonstrate good social behaviors within and outside PLTC.  

As Dr. Corazon N. Abriam, the Series 1 Planning Session Resource Speaker and Facilitator said, “A single indifferent and uncommitted (“pasaway”) stakeholder can ruin our  vision of PLT  College Inc. as an COZY (clean, healthy, safe, enjoyable, friendly, hospitable, and welcoming)  environment  Let us all make a difference in PLTCI by our commitment and negation of indifference”.