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PLTCI Pharmacy studes attend drug awareness symposium enthemed “LABAN SA PEKENG GAMOT”

This is the prime objective of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Drug Symposium       attended by the PLTCI Pharmacy students as they celebrate the National Awareness Month on    Counterfeit Drugs at Highlander Hotel, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya.

             Every year the FDA is conducting a symposium in order to instill health consciousness of the people against counterfeit drugs, protect and promote the right to health of the people by reviewing the Republic Act 8203 or known as Special Law on Counterfeit Drugs.


FDA is an agency under the Department of Health (DOH) responsible for ensuring safe and effective, pure and quality foods, drugs, devices and cosmetics. They are responsible for the quality inspection of drugs in order to safeguard the health of the public against counterfeit drugs. Counterfeit drug or medicine refers to medicinal products with the correct ingredients but not in the amount as provided, wrong ingredients, without active ingredients and fraudulently mislabeled or with fake packaging.

Counterfeit drugs have a very big impact to the health of the people; it is a common problem encountered in our country where the public is not aware and            continuously a victim of many frauds. A consumer may  unknowingly buy a counterfeit drug containing ingredient that is expired and resold; awareness may prevent the possible medication errors, which are detrimental to the consumer’s health. In order to prevent it, FDA advises the public to buy medicines only from FDA-licensed pharmacy and drug outlets that are under the supervision of a    pharmacist.

The role of a pharmacist is to protect life and public welfare, promote the individuals’ right to access safe and effective medicine, and assure optimal drug therapy     outcomes. A pharmacist can contribute to the public’s awareness and prevention on counterfeit drugs.

After attending the said forum, we realize as    Pharmacy students that it is our responsibility to help     inform the public regarding the damage of taking counterfeit drugs by telling our families, friends and even our fellow students.

We the PLTCI Pharmacy students should always remember the dictum of Pharmacy, “This is my Calling, This is my Pride”.