1. The OSA is conferred with the authority to recognize officially the organization or creation of class and the college based organizations, and to regulate their extra-curricular and community outreach activities.
  2. It shall promote the physical, intellectual, political, moral, spiritual and socio-cultural well being of students through relevant and legitimate undertakings.
  3. It shall foster the spirit of unity and cooperation among different organizations.
  4. It shall assist College-Based Organizations (CBO) and the Student Executive Council (SEC) with national and cross-country organizations.
  5. It shall establish linkages with the local, regional, national, and international societies.
  6. It shall coordinate regularly with all the offices of the college affecting student activities.
  7. It shall perform other functions that may be prescribed by the President.


  1. The OSA shall be directly in-charge of the election and organization of the SEC which is the highest governing body of all student organizations. 
  1. Any organization shall be officially recognized by the OSA after complying with all the requirements for recognition.
  1. Student activities within or outside the campus sponsored or spearheaded by any organization shall be allowed only when approved by the College Dean and the OSA Director if within the region and if outside the region, the activity must be approved by the College President.
  1. The right of assembly and the right to petition of the student shall be recognized within the limit provided in the Student Manual and OSA rules and regulations.
  1. The student body shall be represented in the Administrative Council by the incumbent SEC President.
  1. Students and student organizations shall respect school authorities and observe school policies strictly.
  2. Student desk is provided to assist students on student activities.



Any interested group who would like to organize a club or organization shall apply to the Office of Student Affairs by writing a letter of intent addressed to the Director of Student Affairs, in triplicate copy, indicating the mission-vision of the organization, organizational goals and objectives.

The copies shall be distributed to the following:

  1.  One copy for the Director of Student Affairs
  2. One copy to the Office of the President of the College
  3. One copy to the Student Executive Council


1. The Dean / Head shall review the proposal and shall recommend the club / organization to the Director of the Office of Student Affairs for the acceptance.

2. The Director shall inform  the proponent on the acceptance of the club / organization which will submit the following documents:

  1. Constitution and By-laws
  2. List of Members
  3.  Programs and Projects

3. The Committee on Club Recognition shall review the constitution and by-laws of the club / organization and if found to be congruent with the policy of the institution, the committee shall recommend to the Director of Student Affairs for final acceptance. The Composition of the Committee are the following:

  1. President of the Institution – Chairman
  2. OSA Director – Co-Chairman
  3. Guidance Counselor – Member

4. The Student Executive Council shall include the application in the agenda in a meeting attended by the proponent and adviser.

5. The club / organization shall be officially recognized by the Office of the Student Affairs and is qualified to elect its own set of officers.

6. The list of officers shall be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs for the induction ceremony.



 The Office of Student Affairs shall monitor all activities of all recognized clubs and organizations.

A monthly report shall be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs for evaluation. It includes:

  1. Minutes of the Monthly Meeting
  2. Outreach Programs and Projects(Accomplishments)
  3. Others


            The following grounds shall disqualify the club / organizations

  1. Failure to register
  2. No monthly performance report
  3. Violation of the Constitution and By-Laws
  4. Incurred three (3) successive absences in the general meeting called by the Student Executive (SEC) President.

With the disqualifications stated above, the club / organization shall be dislodged from all the benefits and privileges extended by the institution.