The office of the Registrar envisions itself in providing excellent services through integration of new technologies in records management to facilitate the most effective and efficient delivery of services


            We dedicate ourselves to promote the mission-vision of PLTC, Inc. to continuously improve our services with integrity, competence, dedication, efficiency and God- centeredness.


We strive to:

1preserve the integrity, veracity, security, safety and confidentiality of students’ records and academic records;

2.  provide easy access to students’ records;

3.  ensure fast and efficient information dissemination;

4.  provide efficient, accurate, and prompt services;

5.  respond to change and commit to continuously improve the quality of services; and

6.   provide innovative and technologically advanced information systems.



Admission Directives

PLT College, Inc. welcomes students who subscribes to the objectives, rules and regulations of the school.  Generally, no application of enrollment shall be denied admission to the school by reason of sex, nationality, religious or political affiliations.  No minimum age limit is required as long as the student is intellectually capable of learning.  PLT College may validly refuse an applicant for admission, such reasons as limited sub-standard academic performance, lack of physical and moral fitness, violation of disciplinary rules and regulations or similar grounds. 


Prospective students can obtain all information on enrollment procedures, all school policies, rules and regulations on academic duties, discipline and other aspects of student life from the Admission Officer.  A student is supposed to enroll in all subjects of the curricular year to which he belongs.

Requirements for Enrolment

      1. For freshmen

      · Report Card (Form 138) or Permanent Record (Form 137) not  cancelled but marked “eligible for admission to college (original copy)

      · Original Copy of Certificate of Good Moral Character

      ·  Authenticated Birth Certificate (photocopy only)

      · Two pieces 1x1 ID picture with white background


      2. For old students

   ·     Student’s copy of enrolment form indicating his grades for the         

        semester last attended.

   ·      Evaluation issued by the respective Dean or Program Chairperson  

          to ensure that students complied with the pre-requisite prior to

          enrolment in higher courses.


     3. For Transferees

   ·      Honorable Dismissal

   ·      Original Copy of Transcript of Records or a certified true copy of     

         academic records or complete copies of final grades for evaluation purposes

   ·     Certificate of good moral character from previous school attended

   ·     Authenticated Birth Certificate (photocopy only)

   ·     Two pieces 1x1 ID picture with white background.


4. For cross enrollees

      · Permit from the mother school duly signed by the School Registrar

      · 2 pieces 1x1 ID picture with white background.



As a general rule, the following are not eligible for admission:

1. A student who has a case pending with the academic board of the school, unless the guidance office has given him clearance.

2. A student who is convicted in any pending criminal or administrative case, unless he presents police clearance, and municipal trial court clearance upon enrolment.

3. A student who is suspended, excluded, dismissed or expelled, whether for an indefinite or definite term.

4. Any student who makes false statement in his/her application for admission.



1. Effects of Enrolment

Enrolment is the formal act of the college in admitting a person who applies as a student.  The applicant with prescribed rules and regulations for such admission takes effect upon payment of the required fees and compliance.  Once complied with, the reciprocal relationship between the student and the institution involving rights starts and is likewise terminated upon graduation, exclusion, dropping, and the like.

2. Enrolment Period

One week before the scheduled enrolment, all freshmen shall take a Psychological Test for career counseling.  All students seeking admission shall enroll during the prescribed enrolment period.  A fee, to be determined by the Vice President for Finance will be charged (except freshmen) when enrolment is done beyond the prescribed enrolment period.  However, no enrolment shall be allowed after the prescribed period unless such is officially extended.

3. Terms of Enrolment


Enrolment in any of the College courses of PLTC is understood to be for one semester or term. 


4. Shifting of Courses


A  student of any course who desires to shift to another course for valid reason shall be governed by the following:


· that his transfer is accepted by the Program Chairperson concerned; and

· that he has satisfied all the requirements for admission of the new course.


Note:            The new student shall file an application for this course and this shall be properly endorsed to the Program Chairperson where he plans to transfer.  Once admitted, the student shall request for his records for evaluation of his subjects by the Program Chairperson  before he can enroll.

5. Re-admission

A student who is intending to return, is classified as a returnee subject to re-admission policies and procedures of the school.

6.  Cross- Enrollment

The authority for the cross enrollment of students should be exercised judiciously and sparingly.  The mother school should choose where its students are to cross enroll for obvious reasons.

Cross enrollment may be granted only for graduating student under the following conditions:

1. The subjects are not offered in the mother school during the particular term of the student is enrolled

2. The subjects are offered but are in conflict with the other subjects of the student.

 7.  Evaluation of Student Credential Record


Records or credentials given by the students will be evaluated by the Dean or the Program Chairperson assigned during the enrolment period.  The Registrar’s Office conduct evaluation only for graduating students, an initial evaluation has to be done by the Dean/Program Chairperson.

8. Equivalence/Determination of Subject Substitution


   Item #7 of CHED-NCR MEMO #3, s.2000 provides that returning   students who started under the old curriculum and whose subjects are no longer offered by the institution may be advised to take substitute subjects under the new curriculum. 

9. Academic Load

According to the Manual of Regulation for Private Schools, students are not allowed to go beyond the allowable number of units, the basis for   number of units for every student is the approved curricular offerings.        However, graduating students are allowed to have 6 units overload for the regular semester and 3 units for summer term.   Overload  are only allowed during their last term in school. 

A load of 21 units per semester or as required in the curriculum      approved by CHED and nine units in summer is considered regular load of a student.  However, for graduating and working students, academic load     depends on the discretion of their respective Deans or Program Chairperson, as long as it does not violate any provision in the Manual for Regulation of Private Schools or any CHED CMO. 

10. Changing of Subjects 

The Dean or Program Chairperson shall note on the changing or    dropping form of a student, and have it approved by the Registrar.  Changing of subjects is permitted only when there is conflict of schedule, pre-requisite subject is not taken or the subject is dissolved. 

11. Prerequisite Subjects 

Subjects enrolled without the necessary prerequisites should not be credited regardless of the grade obtained.

A student may be allowed to enroll in the prerequisite and advanced subject simultaneously under the following conditions: 

1. If the prerequisite is a “repeated” subject

2. If the student has superior scholastic standing (attach a copy of the scholastic record)

3. If the student is graduating at the end of the school term the request is granted.

 12.  Student Enrolment and Attendance

1. No student shall be allowed to enroll in more than one institution under penalty of losing credits in one or both institution (except for cross enrolment).

2. No student shall be given credit for any subject or course if he has been absent or missed classes for more than 9 meetings for 3 – unit subject, and 12 meetings for 5-unit subject.


1. Names of Students in the School Records

No name should be entered in the enrollment list and the Form other than that appearing in the birth certificate, or admission credentials.  The use of nicknames or aliases is prohibited. 

Request for correction of name should be submitted to the office with the following documents for reference and records purposes:

1. Authenticated Birth Certificate (photocopy only)

2. Joint Affidavit of (2) two disinterested persons attesting to the fact, among others, that the assumed name(s) and the legal name of the student refer to one and the same person.

2. Change of Grades or Correction of Ratings

Change or correction of ratings after they have been submitted to the Registrar requires the approval      of    the Dean or Program Chairperson and endorsed to the Registrar with attached class records for approval. 

Application form for change of grades can be secured from the office of Registrar and should be submitted personally by the instructor. 

3. Incomplete Grades 

           An incomplete mark or grade should be completed within one (1) year after the end of the semester.  For first semester, the end of completion period will be one year after the end of the semester for first semester of the next school year, and for second semester and summer terms, the end of the completion will be one year after the end the semester for second semester and summer term of the next school year. 


 Three (3) regular written examinations; the prelim, the midterm and the final exams are prescribed every semester/term except during summer when only Mid-term and Finals are given.  Other written, oral or practical examinations are also given at the discretion of the subject instructor. 

Make-up examinations may be given within the completion period if the absence is justifiable.  This will be at the discretion of the subject instructor and with the approval of the Dean/Program Chairperson.


1. Grades

The academic performance of student shall be granted at the end of each semester/term in accordance with a uniform grading system using percentage style with 100% as the highest. 

Numerical Equivalent        Percentage Equivalent       Supplementary Marks


            1.00                             99-100                        Inc   -Incomplete

            1.25                             96-98              F      - Failed

            1.50                             93-95              OD  - Officially Dropped

            1.75                             90-92              NC  -  No Credit

            2.00                             87-89

            2.25                             84-86

            2.50                             81-83

            2.75                             78-80

            3.00                             75-77

            4.00                             Inc

            5.00                             Below 75 

2. Computation of Grades

The computation of grades during the Prelims, Mid-term and Finals should include the following:

Major Exam                                       40%

Quizzes                                               30%

Assignments, Recitation & Requirements  25%

Attendance                                           5%

Total                                                  100%


Prelim grade                                      30%

Tentative Midterm Grade                             70%


Midterm Grade                                            100%


Midterm Grade                                              30%                Tentative Final Grade                                   70%


Final Grade                                      100%


1. Graduation

Only senior students who have satisfactorily completed the required courses and have incurred at least one (1) year residence in PLTC, INC. shall be eligible for graduation.  An overload of six (6) units is allowed during the regular term and three (3) units during summer I the student is graduating.  This is only allowed during the last term. 

2. Period of Filing for Application

For final evaluation and advice to ensure release of special orders required for graduation, all application for graduation must be filed with the Dean concerned upon enrolment of the student for his last semester.  All applications after thorough review by the Dean shall forwarded two (2) weeks after the start of classes to the Registrar who in turn will post its evaluation two (2) weeks after. 

I.  CONFIDENTIALITY OF RECORDS                     

The following are policies on confidentiality of records:

1. A student has the right to see his academic record, from which a copy was made, and is entitled to an explanation of any information recorded on it.

2. The student’s file or folder cannot be taken out of the files unless specifically authorized by the Registrar, depending on the purpose for which it is needed.

3. School officials and faculty members of the college may be permitted to look at the academic records of any student, if needed in the evaluation of the academic standing of the student concerned.

4. Requests for the production of a student’s record from the court are usually on a duly issued subpoena, but the student must be notified of said subpoena if he is available or if he can be reached through any media of communication.

5. Records or grades may be released to parents or guardians without prior approval of the student concerned if he is still a minor or have not been yet emancipated from parental authority.

6. Requests for academic information from a company or firm to whom student has applied for employment or where he is employed should be honored, if they are of vital importance to his being employed or is being promoted in position.  No company or firm would employ a person without ascertaining his eligibility for hiring or employment.

7. Requests for information on a student’s record, made in an official communication by an official of any government office or agency, should be honored even without the prior approval of the person concerned, as long as the information sought for is limited to his enrolment, academic standing or school work, for the purpose of ascertaining his qualification or eligibility as employee of this particular government agency.  As a rule, no background investigation should be entertained over the phone.

8. Transcript of academic records should only contain information about academic status.  Other matters such as disciplinary may be recorded to determine readmission.


1. As a rule, all information pertaining to student records are kept and issued by the school through the Registrar’s Office.

2. Appropriate application forms and clearances are required in the release of school credentials.  When requesting for Transcript of Records (TOR) or a Certificate of Grades, the student pays at the Accounting Office for the TOR fee or Certification fee.  The TOR and Certification of Grades will be given one (1) day after the request.

3. In case of students who wish to transfer to another school, academic   records are usually directly sent to the school requesting it.  It cannot  be entrusted to the former student.  If the former student, however, is    authorized in writing to hand carry the record, it has to be in a sealed    envelope addressed to the Registrar concerned.  The record must be an exact copy of the records of the student.  There should be no alteration, elimination, addition or super imposition, even if initialed and sealed.

4. Sec. 8 Chapter 2, paragraph 2 of the Education Act of 1982 gives parents who have children enrolled in a school the right to access to any official record directly relating to the children who are under their parental responsibility.

5. Sec. 9 Chapter 2, of the same Education Act of 1982 provides that, in addition to other rights, and subject to the limitations prescribed by law and regulations, that students and pupils in all schools shall enjoy “the right to access to his own school records, the confidentiality of which the school shall maintain and preserve” and the “right to the issuance of official certificates, diplomas, transcript of records, grades, transfer credentials and other similar documents the soonest possible time”

6. An authorization letter is required from applicants who cannot claim the request personally.  The letter must contain the applicant’s present address, contact number, period of stay in school, if graduated, the course graduated from the date of graduation, his/her relationship to the authorized person and  the purpose for the document sought.  Sufficient proof of identity must be established both for the owner and his/her representative.  An authorization is valid only for a specific request.  If the owner wishes to authorize the same person to request for another set of documents in the future, then another letter of authorization must be issued.            


  The deadline for submission of grades is seven (7) working days after the last day of Prelim and Midterm and five (5) working days after the Final Examination.


A. Graduating Students

1. Honors

      The following rules shall govern the selection of graduating students with academic honors in the undergraduate level:




Summa Cum Laude                    GWA of 95% to 100% with no grade

                                                      below 85%    


Magna Cum Laude                     GWA of 90% to 94.99% with no grade below 83%


Cum Laude                                              GWA of 85% to 89.99% with no grade below 80%


With Distinction                         Graduates in Associate courses with GWA of 95 to 100%          with no grade lower than 85%


These academic standards shall not bar the Awards Committee from imposing additional criteria provided these are reasonable, relevant and done in good faith.  In the computation for academic honors, rating of INC (Incomplete), OD (Officially Dropped), and similar grades shall be considered as failing grade.


2. Leadership Awards

Giving leadership awards to deserving candidates for graduation is an incentive given by the institution to recognize the significant leadership capabilities of students that are worth emulating by others. 

 a. Presidential Leadership Award 

This is awarded to graduating students whose leadership behavior and traits have made an impact not only in the institution, but also in the community, and have been felt by the majority of the students.

Usually, one awardee is chosen per year, however, upon recommendation of the Director of Students Affairs and approval of the Awards Selection Committee, more recipients may be considered.

b. Dean’s Leadership Award

This is awarded to graduating students whose leadership behavior and traits have made an impact in the academic community and have been felt to a certain degree by the majority of the students.

One graduating student per college may be selected based on the guidelines.  In the absence of a deserving nominee, the College may not have an awardee.

c. Service Award

This award is given to graduates who held positions and showed exemplary performance as SEC President, ROTC Corps Commander, Editor-in-Chief.

d. Special Award

Tuklas-Talino and Golden Heart Award are  also given to graduates who excel in research and community service, respectively.  Special citations are also given to  athletes and winners in international, national, and regional, contests, active members of the Kadiyaw Dance Troupe and Chorale who have served for at least 4 semesters, and working students who showed exemplary performance for at least 7 semesters or 3 ½ years of continuous service.       


B. Non-Graduating Students

1. Academic Scholarships

    Scholarships     Final Average Ratings


Full Scholarship                 GWA of 95% to 100% with no grade lower than 85%

Partial Scholarship           GWA of 90% to 94.44% with no grade lower than 83%                               

Dean’s Lister                      GWA of 88% to 89.99% with no grade lower than 80%


In the computation for academic scholarships, rating of INC (Incomplete), OD (Officially Dropped), and similar grades shall be considered as failing grade.  The applicant should carry a load of at least 18 units during the previous semester or lower as prescribed in the curriculum.  Summer grades are added to the First Semester grades.

2. Leadership Awards

a. Dean’s Leadership  Award

The following criteria are to be considered in the selection of the awardees:

a.  active involvement in meritorious school activities and socio-civic project/s benefiting the community;

b. outstanding leadership qualities;

c. no failing, incomplete grade and withdrawal in any subject; and

d. with good moral character.

b. Service Award

This award is given to students who:

a. promote the institution’s VMGO and must have an excellent service on all school activities

b. do not have failing grade in any subject; and

c. with  good moral character.

3. Entrance Scholarship

This scholarship is given to Valedictorians and Salutatorians during the First Semester of their First Year.

4.  Other Awards

Other awards may be given subject to the approval of the Awards Selection Committee and the proper school authorities.

5. Manner of Selection

a. The nominees for the honors/awards will come from the pool of nominees submitted by the Deans/Program Chairperson to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

b.  The Dean/Program Chairperson will present his/her nominees to the Awards Selection Committee composed of the President as Chairperson, the Vice President for Academic Affairs as Co-Chairperson, the Director for Student Affairs, Guidance Counselor, and Chief Librarian as members.

c. The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall evaluate all nominations together with the Awards Selection Committee for further deliberation.

d. The decision of the Committee will be forwarded to the President for approval.  A deadlock on certain issues may be resolved through a simple vote by all members present.

e. Any student who has any reservation/comment against any of the nominees shall submit in writing his/her position on the Form of Protest and submit it to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs for appropriate action.

f. No objections shall be entertained after the President has already approved the recommendations of the Committee.