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By Anthony Perez
The BS Medical Technology students of PLT College, Inc. attended the 5th Annual Medical Technology Student Congress on January 19, 2013 at Far Eastern University (FEU) Manila.

With the theme, “MT SYRINGE: MT students: ‘Youth Reformists Initiating Greener Environment’,” our BS Medi-cal Technology students from North-ern and Central Luzon gathered for one momentous event.

The congress had different activities like SINGtrifuge (Vocal solo Competi-tion), Shake your tube (Dance Com-petition), and the highlight of the event was the search for Mr. and Ms. PHISMETS 2013.

Also, selected BSMT students from different schools who are taking up their thesis presented their precious works and researches. Titles that were randomly picked were the following: (1) The Efficacy of Coconut Water-Based Agar as an Alternative Medium for the Growth of Rhizopus stolonifer, (2) The Effect of Citrus aurantium (Dalandan) on the Lipid Profile of the Oryctolagus cuniculus (Rabbit) with Diet-Induced Hyperlipidemia, (3) An-tileukemic Property of Ulva Lactuca. 

One of the panelists in the thesis pro-posal and defense was Dr. Nelia Sala-zar, discoverer of Capilaria filipinen-sis, a parasite. Dr. Salazar is a proud Filipino and students who attended the event were stunned by her knowl-edge and skills which she imparted to the future Medical Technologists.

Moreover, a number of BSMT stu-dents also joined the 2nd Cagayan Valley Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science Student Con-gress (SCVMSC) on February 22-23 at University of La Salette, Santiago City, Isabela. The events on the first day were the opening of Lab Expo, Student Research Colloquium, “ Ragsakan Nite”, and ExtraACTION @ Fusion 2013. On the second day, activities included Morning Hataw, Eucharistic Celebration, ExtraACTION @ extra challenge, PASMET/PHIS-METS Hour, and Election and Oath Taking Ceremony. 

“Create an atmosphere of a region-ally based camaraderie among Medi-cal Technology/Medical Laboratory Science students and faculty through social fellowship,” one of the SCVMSC objectives was observed in the said event. By all means, these conducted semi-nars are stepping stones to prepare the BS Medical Technology students for their career in the future.