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By Eleazar Ayudoc

PLT College, Incorporated, received its Certificate of Membership to the Nakem International based in UH (University of Hawaii), Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii, through Dr. Bonifacio Ramos (PLTCI Research Director and member of the Nakem BOD – Board of Directors) during the 7th Nakem International Conference held on December 5-7, 2012, at DepED Training Center, San Fernando, La Union, wherein he (Dr. Ramos) and John Buhay, CASE Research Coordinator have attended. The Nakem BOD, together with Dr. Aurelio S. Agcaoili, founder of Nakem International handed the said Certificate of Membership of our school, giving opportunities for our students and teachers to have access to national or international conferences to present their researches or any academic study about our own Filipinoness.* Dr. Ramos said that this is a great opportunity to PLTCIans to make their studies known to the world and not only for the purpose of having files in the research office. It was in his own effort, with the full support of the V.P. for Academics Dr. Mercelita V. Orden, to work out for the membership of PLTCI to make our school known to the world through international conferences like this.
Buhay explained that the “Nakem International Conference was founded in the year 2006 headed by Dr. A. S. Agcaoili, an Ilokano philosopher, writer and educator, handling research works in University of Hawaii at Manoa. Its main goal is to save our cultural identities as Filipinos from extinction due to the penetration of Western thoughts starting from the Spanish Colonization to our modern day. It works to reestablish our own way of academic learning, ethnic principles, ethnic philosophies and arts, spared from foreign influence. It posits that it is now the proper time to stand on our own feet as ethnic Filipinos and have our own human principles to be imitated by the world, and not vice versa. Nakem International Conference is an advocacy group dedicated to the pursuit of cultural pluralism and democracy, linguistic justice, mother language education, and heritage education”.
Buhay, with the assistance of Dr. Ramos, presented his study on the Daniw from the structural perspective of arts. Buhay said, “let us show the whole world that we have our own postmodern way of thinking about poetry as ethnic peoples, not only the Tagalogs or Americans - the Ilokanos and Ifugaos have too” He further said that “we should give Dr. Ramos the highest credit in this regard. Membership in this international conference surely gives all PLTCIans a new way of thinking in reclaiming our true identity as ethnic peoples in this country. It is therefore a time for us to reexamine the educational systems we are employing; to study their efficiency from our own Filipino perspectives independent from western standards.” He believes that we, Filipinos, have our own distinct knowledge that we may use to improve our educational system without clinging to the Americans 
as if we are still babies to be guided by parents.
Dr. Ramos and J. Buhay said that “ANY PLTCIan” student, faculty, staff member is now allowed to prepare a study to be presented in the 8th Nakem Conference at University of Hawaii, Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii, on November 14-15, 2013, to represent our beloved PLT College Inc. Any study about culture and language would do; a paper which gives new perspective to solve colonial mentality and the deterioration of Filipinoness of our young people today.”
* Filipinoness is a term used by Dr. A.S. Agcaoili referring to “being a Filipino” in any presentation of ideas in paper; studies to be presented must show Filipino psyche without grounding with capitalist western thoughts.
** Daniw is the Iloko term for Iloko Poetry.#