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A leader in Medical Technology / Medical Laboratory Science education in Region II by the year 2017.


To provide quality, globally competitive, purpose-driven, innovation and technology updated instruction in Medical Laboratory Science.


Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

Upon completion of the four-year BS Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science program, the PLTCI graduate should be able to:

1. apply the knowledge and skills necessary in the performance of clinical laboratory procedures;

2. demonstrate critical thinking and innovative, patient-oriented   approach in the practice of the Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory profession;

3. communicate effectively and professionally in speaking, writing and presenting using language appropriate in medical laboratory contexts;

4. conduct relevant scientific research to discover knowledge and improve practice in the various areas of clinical laboratory science such as microbiology, clinical chemistry, hematology and other related fields;

5. practice Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science in      accordance with existing laws, ethical and moral principles; and

6. demonstrate social responsibility and pride in being a Filipino and a God-centered Medical Technologist/Medical laboratory scientist and     practitioner.