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PLT College, Inc., College of Pharmacy commits itself in preparing our students for both the present and the future to meet the competencies required in the scientific field of research, pharmaceutical manufacturing, dispensing, community and professional health care service. 
The mission of the College of Pharmacy is to provide an education which is values-oriented and consistent with the PLT College, Inc. mission and vision to provide competent and quality education.


Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Upon completion of the four-year BS Pharmacy program, the PLTCI graduate should be able to:

1. communicate knowledge of the theories and principles as well as the practical applications of the sub-disciplines of the pharmacy profession;

2. apply knowledge and skills on the various methods and techniques necessary in pharmacy laboratory practices;

3. conduct relevant research dedicated to the development and discovery of knowledge and   improvement of the pharmacy profession in      particular   and the health care system in general;

4. demonstrate critical thinking and innovative patient-oriented approach in the practice of the pharmacy profession; and

5. demonstrate social responsibility and pride in being a Filipino and as God-centered pharmacists.