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The school of midwifery is envisioned to be the center of excellence capable of developing efficient and effective healthcare providers imbued with desirable work ethics, self-discipline and self-reliance.

To train and produce competitive students by equipping them with analytical and creative thinking, problem solving capabilities, manipulative competencies that will meet the occupation standards and requirements, values and attitudes with emphasis on work ethics, values, quality orientation, discipline, honesty, self-reliance and patriotism.


Bachelor  of Science in Midwifery

Upon completion of the four-year BS in Midwifery  and  two-year Diploma in Midwifery program, the PLTCI graduate should be able to:

1.  apply competently acquired knowledge, skill and attitudes on drug administration, prenatal care, intranatal care and postnatal care in normal pregnancy, emergency;

2.  demonstrate competencies in identifying patients with complications during pregnancy, labor and delivery;

3.  implement the different mandated programs under the Department of Health; 
4. recognize the importance of moral, ethical, legal principles and attend to issues and concerns in the practice of;

5.  gain insights from the challenges and opportunities for the midwifery profession and use these for venturing into various entrepreneurial endeavors;

6.  apply critical thinking skills in research and contribute quality evidence in research; and

7.  demonstrate social responsibility and pride in being a Filipino and a God -Centered midwife practitioner.