Center for Research and Development


PLTC CRD:  a  renowned hub of breakthrough knowledge and cutting-edge innovations.



The Center, in collaboration with the academic entities in the Institution, dedicates itself to the development of research-competent faculty and students,  the conduct, dissemination and utilization of relevant and cutting-edge knowledge and innovations for efficient and effective institutional operation and management, and improvement of the  quality of life for humane individuals and communities.


A. Research Organization Enhancement

This program focuses on the improvement of the  research environment (organizational structure, staffing, policies, systems, procedures, etc.) in order to systematize and facilitate the conduct of research by the faculty and the students. This includes the acquisition and upgrading of research facilities and resources (including hardware and software).

B. Researchers’ Capability Enhancement

Under this program, the Center, in collaboration with the Research Coordinators of the academic colleges and departments, will pursue activities that aim to build and strengthenresearch competence (knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values) of faculty, academic personnel, and students.  These activities include seminars, workshops, and lectures. The Center also provides one-on-one or small-group mentoring assistance to faculty and students in the conduct of research – including research proposal preparation, instrumentation, collection and analysis of data, and preparation of the completed research write-up – as a form of hands-on learning.  This program and the corresponding will also extend to outsiders on a selective basis as a community-outreach service. 


C. Research Production

The focus of this program is the conduct of researches to produce quality, relevant, and value-innovative knowledge, ideas, products, and technologies responsive to the needs of the College and the local, regional and national communities. There are primarily two kinds of researches that the college will purpose under this program.

First, for the purpose of improving the quality of education  provided by the Institution and promoting  effective and efficient institutional operation and management, the Center, by itself or in collaboration  with the other colleges and departments,  will conduct applied and institutional  policy researches in the areas of administration (management and governance),  faculty, curriculum and instruction, physical facilities, library and laboratories, student support services, community extension and relation. The institutional studies provide baseline information in aid of planning and decision-making, i.e., formulation and implementation of policies, programs, projects, and activities in the aforementioned areas of concern.                             

Second, the Center, by itself or in collaboration with the other colleges and departments, will pursue applied and basic researches that will produce new knowledge and innovations and technologies beneficial to humane individuals and communities served by the College. With PLTC, being a blend of diversified cultures, the program will also pursue sociological, anthropological, and ethnohistorical researches on the varied ethnolinguistic groups of to promote their preservation and appreciation.

D. Research Publication and Dissemination

 As the volume of research outputs of the College increases, there is a need to disseminate them to proper audiences, through publication (i.e. printed and/or electronic formats) and presentation in research fora/conferences so that the intended users may use these as reference in their respective fields.   The avenues for publication are the Center’s research monographs,  PLT College Research Journal, and research dissemination fora  at the institutional level and (given the opportunity) at the regional, and national levels. The Center will also push for the electronic publication of the researches in the College’s website, and in platforms for online research journals.


E. External Linkage and Collaboration

Making PLT College, Inc. visible and its presence felt in the external community through its research undertakings is the focus of the External Linkage and Collaboration program. Two mechanisms come under this program: a) conduct of externally-commissioned research, and b) membership in national and international research consortia/associations. 

Under the first mechanism, the Center may be commissioned and/or awarded grant(s) by  individuals  and entities outside the University  (such as from the business and industry sector, local church, government and non-government organizations) to conduct researches. The Center shall provide the lead role in the conduct of any externally-commissioned research and will involve researchers from other colleges and departments within the Institution. These externally-commission researches are also sources for funds for the Institution.

Under the second mechanism, the Center shall recommend and make arrangements for PLT College Inc. as a member of research consortia/associations at the regional, national, and international levels and shall participate in the undertakings of these consortia/associations.