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The Founders

Engr. Purisimo L. Tiam & Ma. Nonette O. Tiam

Welcome Prosprective Students!

PLT College, Inc. will give you a brand education that will provide you with a life beyond the gates of the institution. It will surely mold you into a well-rounded individual equipped with an education that goes beyond the textbooks and academic learning. Be a part of the PLTCI family where excellence reigns. Together, we will reach your dreams

PLTCI’s History

PLT College, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit and non-sectarian educational institution administered by its Board of Trustees.

PLT College, Inc. started as PLT Computer and Technical Services on September 1989. The founder and the first chairman of the Board of Trustees was Engr. Purisimo L. Tiam, a visionary man and a computer enthusiast. Mrs. Maria Nonette O. Tiam, his very supportive wife became the first President.

Barely nine (9) months after it was granted by the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports (DECS) permit to operate as a school and was named PLT Computer Technical School, it offered two-year courses, namely, Management Information System Analysis and Design (MISAD) and the Computer Operation Specialist Course (COSC). Gradually, more courses were introduced: two–year Software Development Course (SDC) on June 1991 and two–year Computer Secretarial Course (ECSC) on October 1991.

The following year, it was granted by the DECS the authority to operate as a College by the Technical Team composed of Dr. Roger Perez, CHED Commissioner, Dr. Liduvina Reyes, CHED Director, Dr. Evelyn Pascua, Chief, Education Supervisor, Dr. Antonio Pascual, and Dr. Antonio Talamayan. On October 1991, the college was duly registered with

the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as PLT College, Inc. and was approved on January 27, 1992.

Several programs were offered thereafter: Associate in Police Science Course (APSC) from 1994 up to 1998, BS in Computer Science (BSCS) in 1994, BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) in 1995, BS in Criminology (BS Crim) in 1996; BS in Commerce (BSC) in 1998, BS in Office Administration (BSOA) in 1999, Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSEd) and Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEEd) in 2000, BS in Business Administration (BSBA) in 2001, BS in Nursing (BSN) in 2003, Graduate in Midwifery in 2005, Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology (BSRT), Nursing Attendant and Caregiver Program in 2006.

In SY 2010-2011, the Board of Trustees with the endorsement of the President approved the recommendation to offer the following degree programs: Bachelor of Science in Biology (BSBio), Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSPh), Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (BSMT), Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (BS Entrep), Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (BSMid), Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM), and Bachelor of Arts (AB) in Political Science with specialization in International Relations. Permit to offer AB Mass Com. was granted in SY 2011-2012. All these programs were granted Government Recognition in 2013. The Accountancy and Accounting Technology Programs were given Levels I and II Government Permit to operate in the same year.

PLT College, particularly the College of Criminology was deputized by the CHED as provider of the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) in 2003. The College was evaluated by the Institutional Monitoring and Evaluation for Quality Assurance (IQuAME) team in 2007 as Category B (Developing Institution) and was granted the authority to accept foreign students by the Bureau of Immigration on June 7, 2008.

In line with the school’s commitment to offer quality education, PLT College, Inc. started working on the accreditation of its programs in 2008. At present, the Criminology and Hotel and Restaurant Management programs are Level I accredited, Business Administration, Office Administration, Computer Science and Nursing have Candidate Status while the Rad Tech and Info Tech passed the Consultancy Visit on December 2013.

To date, PLT College, Inc. is the only school in Nueva Vizcaya and one of the two (2) schools in the region to have an Accredited Tertiary Base Hospital – the PLT College Luis A. Tiam Medical Center located in Bascaran, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya. To provide training venues to OJT students and immediate work to its graduates, the PLT Wellness and Mountain Resort with swimming pools and other amenities and the PLT Hotel have been constructed and are now functional. The PLT Corporate Office which is the center of business of the corporation is located at Room 608, Infinity Building, The Fort, Manila.

Our Philosophy

Inspired by the noble task of nation building, PLT College, Inc. molds individuals to be instruments of service to God, country, and humanity. As a non-stock, non-sectarian institution of higher learning, its philosophy was after those of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority(TESDA), and Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Our Vision

PLT COLLEGE, INC: An Icon in Humane Education.

Our Mission

We dedicate ourselves to develop humane individuals who are professionally competent, socially responsible, and God-centered.

General Objectives

We strive to:

1. lead and develop humane individuals and communities;

2. initiate innovations and technological advancement;

3. pursue academic excellence and global standardization;

4. strengthen instruction, research, extension, and production; and

5. work continuously on quality education and community service.


The logo consists of 2 (two) circles; the outer circle denotes continuity and unity, the inner circle signifies perpetuality and entity. The 5 (five) sides represent the Board of Incorporators. The logo also shows the year (1991) when it was formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The royal blue color symbolizes Hope and Wisdom. As a whole, the LOGO is shaped like a diamond which means that the PLT COLLEGE, INC. is a precious gem.

PLTCI’s Hymn

As the sun rises in the east

As the baby rose to his feet

So a flower blooms from its bud

To take a peep of the land.


As the stars are shining in the sky

Lighting paths at every mile

So a school opens in every heart

To people of every walk in life.


This is PLTC, prouder as can be

Soaring like eagles, roaring like a sea

Simple beginning and is now shining

PLTC flies all through the sky

Like a tree that bears more fruit

Tendered by hands with skills and hard work

So a school that offers you the best

That one could ever wish and every crave

(Repeat Refrain)

PLT College Incorporated

With a simple and humble epithet

Commitment to service and excellence

For the glory of the Divine Providence