Mercelita V. Orden, Ed. D.

PLTCI President

– Ed.D. Educational Management
– MAT Social Studies,
– BEEd – Cum Laude

Joel B. Doladol, MA

Vice President for Operations

– MA Educational Management
– BSEd Mathematics,

Ma. Nonette O. Tiam, MBA

Vice President for Finance

– Master in Business Administration
– BS Commerce (Economics)

Frances Ireene L. Garcia, Ph. D.

Vice President for Administration

– Pd.D. Organizational Development & Planning (with high distinction)
– Master in Public Administration (with distinction)
– Certified HR Professional
– BS Political Science

Editha G. Martin, MBA, MPA

Vice President for Academic Affairs

– Doctor of Business Administration (48 units)
– Master in Business Administration
– Master in public Administration
– BS Commerce

Administrative Offices

Office of the President
Supervises the college operations through the related offices of the Vice Presidents.

Office of the Vice President for Operations
Oversees the college’s physical resources. Offices under it are the Inventory, Procurement, Pollution Control, Building Administration, General Services, Mechanical Department, and Management Information Services.

Office of the Vice President for Finance
Manages the college’s financial resources. Offices under it are the Accounting, Benefits and Claims, Budget, and Cashier.

Office of the Vice President for Administration
Offices under it are Marketing, Extension & Outreach, Human Resources, and Student Services.

Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
In charge of development and implementation of quality and responsive programs, systems and mechanisms in curricular, instructional, research and extension work that ensure the attainment of the PLT College, Inc.’s goals and objectives

School Officials
Program Chairperson
Name Designation Email
Engr. Purisimo L. Tiam Chief Executive Officer/Founder
Mr. Raymund Louie Joseph O. Tiam President  
Mrs. Ma. Nonette O. Tiam Executive Vice President/Vice President for Finance
Mr. Joel B. Doladol Vice President for Administration
Mrs. Editha G. Martin Vice President for Academic Affairs
Name Designation Email
Mr. Joel B. Doladol Inventory Management Officer
Mr. Bhing-Bhing T. Buhong Procurement Officer
Mr. Edwin T. Yogyog Head, General Services Office
Mr. Arnold D. Buyacco Director, Management Information Services
Mr. Michael Angelo P. Sulayao Website Designer & Content Creator
Mr. Renier A Timmamang Computer Lab Supervisor
Name Designation Email
Mrs. Marie Ceszanne P. Laroza Company Accountant
Mrs. Marie Elenor J. Benter Accounting Office Cashier
Ms. Mary Bervie Jane A. Uminga Accounting Office Clerk
Mrs. Rosemarie B. Pasado Benefits & Claim Assistance Officer (BCAO) & Bookkeeper
Mrs. Jocelyn T. Ballatong OIC-BCAO & Bookkeeper
Mrs. Donnabel M. Nieto Budget Officer
 Bing-Bing T. Buhong Finance Clerk
Name Designation Email
Mr. Sherwin H. Pinalgan Director, Student Services Center
Dr. Avelina T. Lacadin School Physician
Dr. Amelita F. Gonzales School Dentist
Mrs. Norma U. Alberto School Nurse
Mr. Gerald Ivan A. Tamayo Scholarship Coordinator
Ms. Feona Gail M. Portilla Alumni Affairs Coordinator
Mr. Marc Harold I. Flores Head, Marketing
Mr. Shihan Arnold C. Dizon Head, Security Force
Mr. Badong C. Balaoy Supervisor, Security Force
Dr. Frances Ireene L. Garcia HR Management & Development Officer (HRMDO)
Mrs. Jodie P. Saquing Assistant, VPA & HRMDO
Name Designation Email
Mrs. Leani G. Bongayon Director, Center for Research & Development
Mr. Sherwin H. Pinalgan Director, Student Services
Mrs. Femilyn A. Baal College Registrar
Ms. Geraldine S. Alcantara Assistant Registrar
Ms. Maria Ana L. Aquino Chief Librarian
Ms. Jica Carey A. Ojadas Assistant Librarian
Ms. Hazel B. Paculla Technical Services Librarian
Mrs. Ester P. Cantong Head, Guidance Office
Mr. Angellowe A. Balincongan Assistant, Guidance Office
Mr. Mark Rainier Christopher N. Pagaduan Psychometrician
Ms. Christina M. Mendoza Director, Technical-Vocational Assessment Office (TVAO)
Ms. Alyza B. Tomas Assistant, TVAO
Ms. Sheila Mae S. Escalante Assessment Center Manager, TVAO
Ms. Marie Crisnette O. Tiam-Arca Laboratory Supervisor
Mr. Gerald L. Tiam Director, National Service Training Program
Mr. Christian Paul M. Ramos Coordinator, ROTC & CWTS
Department Name Email Contact No.
Medicine Dr. Richard C. Arceo 0945 553 6820
Criminology Doliza Lares Jacinto ****** 0936 156 5975
Nursing Prince Rener Pera 0915 230 8587
Medical Technology Joshua Cantes 0947 738 9486
Radiologic Technology Ariel Petonio 0935 807 2410
Pharmacy Aileen Buhisan 0950 891 5373
Midwifery Diosalina Galapon 0949 484 6198
Arts, Sciences and Education Esther Padilla 0905 713 5362
Business Education, IT, HRM Felomena Bernardo 0926 332 3692
Hospitality Tourism Management Johaness Beleno 0932 671 6620
Information and Computing Sciences Raymond Elevazo 0906 222 3236
Elementary Ma. Karizza Tiam 0917 790 5721
High School Joel Doladol ****** 0975 662 3192
Technical and Vocational Assessment Cristina Mendoza 0975 225 7064


Name Department Email
Ms. Johannes M. Beleno Hospitality & Tourism Management
Dr. Raymond D. Elevazo Information & Computing Sciences
  Office & Business Administration  
April Justine Marie P. Tiam Pharmacy