Logo + Hymn

The PLTCI Logo

The logo consists of 2 (two) circles; the outer circle denotes continuity and unity, the inner circle signifies perpetuality and entity.

The 5 (five) sides represent the Board of Incorporators.

The logo also shows the year (1991) when it was formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The royal blue color symbolizes Hope and Wisdom.

As a whole, the logo is shaped like a diamond which means that the PLT College, Inc. is a precious gem.


As the sun rises in the east
As the baby rose to his feet
So a flower blooms from its bud
To take a peep of the land.

As the stars are shining in the sky
Lighting paths at every mile
So a school opens in every heart
To people of every walk in life.


This is PLTC, prouder as can be
Soaring like eagles, roaring like a sea
Simple beginning and is now shining
PLTC flies all through the sky

Like a tree that bears more fruit
Tendered by hands with skills and hard work
So a school that offers you the best
That one could ever wish and every crave
(Repeat Refrain)

PLT College Incorporated
With a simple and humble epithet
Commitment to service and excellence
For the glory of the Divine Providence


An Icon in Humane Education