Bulilit Rescue Training Program

Learning Through Doing. Raffa Ven Fukasan of CCJE, Jorinell Bandao DMG, and their company discussed the importance of knowledge in first aid and demonstrated how to do it. After which, the participants had their return demonstration like the three-man carry.

ClientBarangay Salvacion, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
ParticipantsGrades IV - VI, Salvacion Elementary School
SponsorCollege of Criminal Justice Education. Center for Community Extension & Outreach Program
ActivityFirst-Aid Disaster Management for Kids
Date24 October 2019

The Bulilit Rescue Training Program


The Bulilit Rescue Training: First Aid and Basic Rescue Operation Training is a program by the CCJE and backed up by the Center for Community and Outreach Program (CCEOP) as part of PLT College, Inc. (PLCI) with objective to promote and strengthen research and extension program.

The Bulilit Rescue Training Program focuses on continuous basic rescue training operation which aims to educate the young with high hope that it will impact their life positively soon. It is believed that if you instill a skill on a person while they are young, they will never forget it, and its benefits will have no expiration.

The training-workshop includes basic knowledge on disaster management like what to do in case of calamities, how to avoid being a victim, and help others who are victims of unfortunate circumstances.

The rescue training is a three-year program which trains selected pupils from Grades IV – VI of Salvacion Elementary School, Salvacion. Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya