Study Shows Extension Programs are Extremely Relevant

Kindness Is Free, Why Not Give It to Everyone. CCJE & CCEOP members frequently visit the Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Jail to motivate its residents through their different activities like class related tour, extension, and outreach programs.

ClientNueva Vizcaya Provincial Jail
ParticipantsInternees & Jail Management
SponsorCollege of Criminal Justice Education, Center for Community Extension & Outreach Program
ActivityExtension & Outreach Programs Assessment

Extension & Outreach Programs Assessment

The CCJE’s faculty and staff, Student Body Organization (SBO) officers, CCEOP coordinator and officers assessed the series of trainings, seminar-workshops they have conducted in the entire school year of 2018-2019.

The survey was made on January 8, 2019 among the participants and organizers of the different seminar-workshops conducted to gather their perceptions of its content and delivery, impact upon the participants, and relevance of the program.

The evaluation of the program on the seminar-workshops that was done revealed that the content and delivery was very comprehensive, all participants have understood the topics, the participants gained a lot of knowledge regarding the program, and the relevance of the program is extremely relevant.

What is more, the clientele claimed that the jail visit, and gift-giving were extremely relevant programs.